Spokane's Premiere Fashion Consignment Spring Event

​April 28 - 29 - 30, 2017

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Debbie Novotny Haug, 

LIPSENSE Distributor

::Valerie shares GLAMagain's mission!

​​​​​Valerie Wilkerson cannot do all of this work by herself. Lou Ann Barker is Valerie's assistant who works behind the scenes to assist in making this a most successful event!

​​​​​GLAMagain - shop for a cause!

Meet The Owner of GLAMagain

Meet Our Partners

​​​​​Valerie Wilkerson is the owner of GlamAgain and Emvy Cellars. After losing her son Sheldon to cancer, Val has made a life long commitment to helping raise funds for cancer care and cure. GlamAgain is yet another way she hopes to impact our community. Follow GlamAgain on Facebook for updates on how the event helps Spokane.

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