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You don't have any items to consign for our April event? Please keep us in mind when you do your next closet clean-out, and join us for a future GLAMagain event!

Spokane's Premiere Fashion Consignment Event

ALERT! Reconciliation of Items! 

This new computer software does not reconcile your items as they are sold. They will reconcile once the sale is locked - which has not been done yet. This typically happens one week after the sale closes.Your checks for your sold items will typically arrive two weeks after the sale, or sooner.

There are still items selling; which the old system did not allow.

Please be patient - we are working as quickly as possible to wrap up sales.

We will post when the sale locks and checks are in the mail.

Thank you for selling through GLAMagain!

Contact Val if you have any questions: (509) 979-2749.

TAGGING TIPS  -  Follow these easy tips to prepare your items for selling. 

STEP 1: REGISTER TO CONSIGN Decide if you want to prep your items or have GlamAgain do it for you. Self Prep Consignment: Earn 60% of the Sale Price As a self prep consignor, you will use our website to prepare your items for the sale and bring them to the sale location the week of the event. A one-time (per event/season) $15 consignor fee will be deducted from your sales.
Concierge Consignment: Earn 40% of the Sale Price
As a concierge consignor, GlamAgain will pick up your items and prepare them for the sale. Once you have registered, send an email to to arrange for your pick up appointment. There are a limited number of concierge appointments available for each event/season, so we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. A one-time (per event/season) $25 consignor fee will be deducted from your sales.

GlamAgain features clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories for women and children; and new this year, men's apparel. Items need to be in like-new condition, without wear and tear.

Best sellers include designer denim, shoes, handbags, accessories, dresses, sweaters and separates.

STEP 3: TAG YOUR ITEMS (Self Prep Consignors Only)

With your user ID and password, log in to the tagging system Use the simple drop down system to create and print your tags. Attach tags to items. We recommend using safety pins. Bring items to the sale location the week prior to the event, which is Monday, April 24th from Noon to 8:00 pm. Gather your items together and make sure they are clean, no missing buttons, etc. Hang each item. The hanger should look like a ? when facing you. Securely attach any belts or other accessories to the item. Group items for faster tagging.
Print your tags on heavy paper or card stock. White paper is best. Attach the tags to each item using a safety pin or tagging gun. Here are a few suggestions for popular items:

Shoes- tape the tag to the bottom or inside of one shoe
Jewelry- attach to the tag using ribbon
Handbags- attach the tag using ribbon

Pricing Guidelines We recommend you price items 70% to 80% off of the original retail price. For example, if the original retail on your item was $100, plan to price it between $20 and $30, depending on style and condition. Prep Guidelines All items will be inspected at the time of drop off. GlamAgain accepts like-new items only. Please no stains, holes, or extreme wear. All items should be clean and in ready-to-wear condition.

STEP 4: BRING ITEMS TO THE EVENT (Self Prep Consignors Only) Item drop off is the week prior to the sale opening. Items must be hung and tagged prior to arrival at the event. Drop off takes about 30 minutes for inspection and display. Consignors receive event tickets at drop off.

Still ​Not Sure?Just ask us - send an email to and we will answer your questions.